The Process

This being a customization service, it can be a bit confusing on the process. Below, you will find a step-by-step timeline as well as Questions & Answers that will hopefully clarify what happens after you place an order.

What happens if my order cannot be processed?

We will contact you during ‘Order Review’ and let you know if we find anything that may prove difficult to accomplish (ie. too many layers, incorrect placement, etc.). A tab above will give some instructions and tips for things to follow while customizing your products which will help get your orders processed with a minimal chance of delays.

If we do need to contact you, we will give you specific reasons why something may not work. With that information you can choose to do the following:

A) Cancel/remove the items that cannot be completed (and if you still want the item, you’ll need to re-customize them as a new order)
B) Cancel order if (A) does not work for you

We are able to make any change to your items that are deemed necessary to get your item(s) completed properly. But, this will not be done without informing you first asking if you would like us to make the necessary changes and we will stay in contact with these changes before charging your payment method. We will not make changes to your item(s) then charge your payment method without contacting you first.

Can I make extra comments towards the order?


You can add any extra comments, requests or concerns during checkout below the fields used to fill out with your information (name, shipping, etc.).

But we recommend the use of the ‘Contact Form‘ first if you think our answer/response could change your mind on submitting the order.

Am I immediately charged?


There is a payment holding called Authorization. This simply takes your payment information and creates a pre-binding invoice with the amount you saw (and authorized for) on your order form.

We then review the order to make sure it can be completed without any complications. If everything checks out, then you are charged the amount you authorized. 

If something changes during order review then it can delay the charge, but you will be notified of these changes.

Complication examples:
A) If an item you chose actually ends up being out of stock at the time of your order review (possible based on warehouse stock volatility)
B) If you contact us after order submission and decide to change quantity of an item

If the original order amount was for ie. $100, but an item is removed or quantity is deducted resulting in $10 less, your payment method will be charged ONLY $90.

You will never be charged more than you authorized, unless you specifically ask for a higher quantity of a product that is already on your order form by contacting us before we make that charge.

The charge you will see on your statement is: POS Withdrawal (FIS) PAYPAL *CMPCUST PAYPAL *CMPCUSTOMIZ

Apparel: Shrinkage, wash?

With the apparel products, we try to offer already ‘pre-shrunk’ material which will help alleviate shrinkage when you wash these items for the first time. Some of these are a hit-and-miss but we try our best to make sure you end up with a perfect quality product wash-after-wash after leaving our shop.

We do not wash any apparel when we receive them, they are customized directly after we receive them from the warehouse.

If by the unfortunate case the apparel ends up shrinking some after washing and the design looks slightly ‘puckered’, it can be remedied by simply taking an iron on medium heat (3 out of 6) and sliding it over the back of the design (turn product inside-out) for 2-5 seconds at a time, letting it cool before doing it again, if necessary. This should remove any wrinkles (or puckering) in the design.

How are the products customized?

This varies for some of our products. But generally:

– We use an ink/printed based solution that is then adhered to your item with a press. This option will hold up for years if well taken care of, or around 30-50 washes if the “care guide” is followed.

– Our other process uses a special vinyl that allows you to create a longer lasting, fade-proof design on many different types of products. On stretchy products (like spandex), we use another special type of vinyl that will stretch with the product material so your design will not crack, tear or break when stretched.

This vinyl is very thin (90 microns) and once adhered to your product it becomes one with the material producing a barely there feeling. This is comparable to Screen Ink because it will never fade, crack or flake with proper care (care guide on every apparel product page as well as sent with every order containing apparel). This should last between 50-100 washes and for years if the proper care is given for this product.

Currently we are not using Screen Ink or Embroidery unless specified on the product page.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

There are a few variables to this answer. We will discuss two main paths your order can go:

  1.  -> Straight forward, no complications
  2.  -> Depending on the complications and changes necessary, is where the time-frame can change.

With #1, an average order it should leave our location no later than 4-12 business days. This does NOT include the shipping time from our location to you, as those time-frames can vary some (and depends on which shipping service you choose at checkout). We might look into providing a ‘Priority’ production option in the future which can get you your items quicker.

With #2, it would greatly depend on the situation (ie. it could end up: item(s) not available or incorrectly placed elements, etc.).

The time-frame listed above does not include the shipping to you time.

The above #1 & #2 will be determined during ‘Order Review’ and you would be contacted if there are any problems with the order. At which time we can discuss time frames, changes, etc. and if these changes don’t work you for you, you are able to cancel the entire order no questions asked.

What if I purchase something that ends up out of stock?

Generally, if you are able to customize the item then the item is in stock. But there are a few exceptions.

There are some items at certain times that have what is called stock volatility. This means that while one hour the item can have hundreds in stock (of that particular color and/or size), the next hour it may have 0 in stock. Sometimes some of these items will be replenished fairly quickly at the warehouses so the wait to order it might only be a short time.

During ‘Order Review‘ we will be going over the items and the stock availability so you would be notified during this time of any complications. In this rare case, you will be given the following options:

A.) Remove the item(s) that is/are currently out-of-stock, then continue with the order
B.) Set order to On Hold until the item(s) return in-stock for purchase, then purchase all items and continue with order.
C.) Cancel entire order


Initial ↓

Step 1: Order Review

Here, we inspect and review the order you submitted. This will take between 1-2 business days.

Step 2: Charging or Declining

Once step 1 is completed, we will either:

A) Charge the amount of the order to your payment method and continue on with step 3.
B) Decline/pause the order. If we cannot continue for any reason, we will contact you by the email you used during checkout to communicate what you'd like to do. If we don't hear from you within 5 business days, the order will automatically be cancelled and would have to be re-created again.

Declined X
In Progress ↓

Step 3: Items Ordered

We order the items from our supplier to our shop. If you ordered a Surface Decor product, we skip this step and go straight to step 4.

Step 4: Customization

We customize the items just as you intended
In Progress ↓

Step 5: Quality Review

We review the quality and accuracy of the customized items to make sure they are just the way you ordered them.

Step 6: Shipment

We will print a shipping label (which you will receive a tracking number for) and drop off to the shipping company you chose during checkout.

Customizer Tips & Info

The actual customizer that you will use to create your unique products can be a bit complicated because it allows full flexibility on how you’d like to create your products.

So below, we give you some guidance on how to create those unique products.

Step 1: Choose

First, if the product has multiple variations you'll want to select them all (color, size, orientation, etc.) then the quantity of that product.

Next, click CUSTOMIZE.

Page will reload with your product ready for customizations.

Step 2: Customize

After clicking 'Customize', the page will reload automatically and will load your product into the customizer, ready to be customized.

We will reference "elements" throughout. Elements = Graphics, Images, Text

At the top-right of the product customizer, you will see the following clickable ICON buttons:



We have over 8000+ different graphics (with new ones constantly being added), designs and shapes that you can choose from to simply add to your product! Just find, choose colors of design, place it and send it in!
Some graphics are called "PRINTED" graphics. These have full color with some you are able to change the colors and some have too many colors to modify.

PRINTED GRAPHICS  can be stacked/layered with as many different designs as you'd like. There is a size limitation, a max of 6.5in W x 9in H or 9in W x 6.5in H.

NON-PRINTED GRAPHICS  can be stacked/layered ONLY up to 3 layers. This is not for the whole product but per stacked set of designs you make. There is no size limitation for these.

You can change the size of any graphic added.
You can change the color(s) of all "non-printed" graphics and some "printed" graphics.


You can upload a photo from your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) or from your Facebook account. This option is fantastic for anything like placing a picture of your most loved pet or family member (anything really, just non-R rated please) onto a product to make it super unique. The images you choose please make sure you have the rights to do so (please don't upload copyrighted images/designs - we will not make these).

There is also an option called "Premium Photos" you can look through, there are 1000's of full color images of cities, beaches, people, nature, etc. that you can also place onto a product.

These uploaded images also have a restriction of 6.5in W x 9in H or 9in W x 6.5in H.


This will allow you to add your own text anywhere in the customizable area on the product. You can change the font style, size, color and even make it curved to make it fit a specific way!

-MANAGE LAYERS: To manage the element layers (graphics, text), select an element. Then you'll see at the bottom right of the customizer, icons will show a BRING FORWARD and a SEND BACKWARD as well as a DUPLICATE. You can also FLIP HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL.

-PRODUCT OPTIONS: This will allow you to change to a different product variation (color/size) and it will automatically transfer your customizations over to the new variation - the dotted box (bounding box or printing box) you see on the product may move depending on the variation you chose. If it does you may have to reposition your elements.

-MY SAVED DESIGNS: Once you have placed many elements on a product and want to save them, click the "Save Design" button - this will save it on your account/device. You can then use this saved design to place onto that product in the future. Be aware though, this will only stay saved if you are logged into your account.

There are features (buttons) in the customizer that allows you to do things like: [UNDO] and [REDO] to changes you made and a [RESET] option that allows you to go back to a blank (or a pre-loaded template) product. The elements will auto snap to the center of the dotted box (bounding box or printing box), or other elements near it.

Step 3: Order

Once you are satisfied with the product, simply click 'Add to Cart'. This will automatically add your customized product just the way you made it right to your cart. If you find later on that you wish to modify the product while it's in your cart, it's as simple as clicking the EDIT text below the product name.

Some products have quantity minimum, or if the product doesn't there may be a total cart quantity minimum. You will be notified of this in 'Product' view above the product colors, or in the 'Cart' view above the products list.

Once you are happy with your product(s), you are able to submit the order.

Please READ the FAQ for more information on what happens after submitting your order.

For a summary: you will not be charged right away, the order will go into what is called 'Order Review', which means the staff will review all factors (colors, placement, size, product stock, etc.) before charging your payment method and before ordering any blank products.

If everything checks out, your payment method you entered during checkout will be charged the amount shown when you clicked 'Order'.

For more INFORMATION: Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping on

The following try to answer some common questions relating to how to shop on, the steps and processes to it as well as the security.

What are your Terms of Service (ToS)?’s Terms of Service can be found HERE

Or by going to the menu above ‘About Us > Terms of Service’

We also have it located in the ‘Footer’ of the site under ‘About Us’

What is your Privacy & Cookie Policy?’s Privacy & Cookie Policy can be found HERE

Or by going to the menu above ‘About Us > Privacy Policy’

We also have it located in the ‘Footer’ of the site under ‘About Us’

Is online ordering secure?


We utilize a fully encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) through world renown Cloudflare that encodes/encrypts all the processed data you see and type throughout the site. This creates a secure environment so while entering any sensitive data (shipping/billing info) it will be transmitted securely.

We also use a Payment Processor through Paypal. Which means the only data we process is your name and address, Paypal will be processing your payment information – we never store, process or see this.

Is there a min/max order size?

For certain items there might be a minimum requirement. If there is, it will say what it is on the product page.

Otherwise, if there is a global minimum item limit, the limitations would be placed at cart level, meaning you can have 1 of each type of item all the way up to the minimum.

For example, if the cart minimum is 10, you could customize the following:

  • 2 pants
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 hat
  • 1 koozie
  • 1 backpack
  • 4 sweatshirts

It will specify this during cart view if there is an order minimum – it will not let you place the order until the minimum quantity is met.

Currently, there is a 12 item max limit PER order – the system will not allow the order to proceed if there are more than 12 items. This is to allow our team to produce the orders in a timely fashion. But, you are allowed to submit as many orders as you need.

Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Yes & Yes

You should be receiving the exact base product you chose as well as the customizations you did to it. If you don’t receive the item pictured (incorrect size/color/item), we will refund you or give you store credit.

Please contact us HERE and alert us to this problem.

We will investigate and remedy the situation ASAP.

CMP Coins

CMP Coins are a reward-based discount system that you earn as you shop, customize products then complete orders. You can use these coins to discount your orders to save you some real coin. Below is more information about this.

Ways to earn CMP Coins:

– On products. Before customizing them, the product price will earn you a set percentage of CMP Coins. Then once you customize the product, the price goes up but so does the CMP Coin earnings.

– Leveling up. As you earn CMP Coins, you will move up levels. It does not matter if you use the coins, the total amount you have earned will add up and eventually put you into a new bracket. The higher the level the more you will earn in points for your customized items. This is a great way for us to show our appreciation for you continuously supporting us and using us as your #1 customization service!

– Referrals. You can earn points by referring others that then make a purchase on this site. There is a minimum monetary purchase amount but once the order is successfully completed (shipped), you will earn CMP Coins for that referral. The person you referred with also receive extra CMP Coins as well, a win-win!

– Social Rewards. You can earn CMP Coins for the following:

–Receiving a Facebook like (on a shared post)
–Creating a Facebook share
–Making a tweet with the site

In order for the CMP Coins to be activated correctly, you MUST be logged in WHILE clicking/tapping on the social buttons at the top right on the website (or in the product page under the “Customize” button). Making a share/tweet any other way may not activate the CMP Coin rewards.

Payment Info

We offer flexible options to pay for your orders. Below is some information on ways to pay as well as the security behind it.

Do you store any of my payment info after purchase (Credit Card/PayPal)?

No, we do not.

We use a Payment Processor available through PayPal.

Their system takes your info/CC data you enter and processes it on their system – not

We do not see, validate or store any of your CC/PayPal login information. Our system simply communicates with PayPal to get the confirmation that you have entered into a ‘payment’ agreement. You are being charged through paypal on behalf of

The charge you will see on your statement is: POS Withdrawal (FIS) PAYPAL *CMPCUST PAYPAL *CMPCUSTOMIZ

How can I pay for my order?

We currently use PayPal as our Payment Processor to process ALL payments.

It could block the paypal popup

If you have a PayPal Account the transaction is as simple as logging in then choosing payment method. Click submit and you’ll automatically be redirected back here to then sent to the review page – where you can click submit order.

No PayPal account? Don’t fret! We accept the usual MasterCard/Discover/Visa/AmEx/Diners Credit Cards. We also accept Venmo.
1.) Still click the ‘PAYPAL‘ button (or Venmo for that payment option) during checkout, but click GUEST in the pop-up window, then enter your card information. Click ‘Continue as Guest’ and you’ll automatically be redirected back to where you’ll be able to review the order before submission.


2.) Simply click the “Debit or Credit Card” button to enter in your information that way.

The charge you will see on your statement is: POS Withdrawal (FIS) PAYPAL *CMPCUST PAYPAL *CMPCUSTOMIZ

What is the payment process?

Once you submit your payment details to Paypal (by logging in or by guest), you’ll be redirected back to

When you submit your payment details there is only an ‘Authorized’ or ‘Pending’ status placed on the charge. This means you have not been charged yet but your payment details are ready to be charged.

Only after your order is cleared during the ‘Order Review’, will then charge your payment method by the amount of the order.

You will NOT be charged unless your order successfully passes the ‘Order Review’ process. If it cannot pass the ‘Order Review’, you will be notified and we will proceed from there.

What happens if I am charged but something happens to my order?

Generally, 95% of the time this will not occur. Because of the way we process orders (more info under ‘The Process’ tab > Am I immediately charged?), we review it all prior to charging you.

Once you are charged, the remaining 5% chance that something happens would be a mistake on our part or a defective item from the warehouse. If anything like this happens, you will be notified right away. If you end up wanting a full refund in this case (and order canceled or item removed), we can do that, no problem. If you don’t mind waiting for us to re-order replacement items (which would happen ASAP after you okay this delay) we will do this of course with no extra charge to you (just an unfortunate time delay).

We strive to make this not happen, but unfortunate events can occur so we will keep you in the loop every step of the way.


This being a customization service, there are a few various limitations and requirements. Please read the following Q&As below to familiarize yourself with how the ordering, shipping and returns will be processed.

Can I return a product?

You can return item(s) with a few stipulations:

  • There is a 14-day return window after receiving your order.
  • For our apparel, the care guide must have been followed (we’ve tested our products, so we know what works and what don’t)
  • Returns are only for defective, incorrect items/customizationsDefective means: vinyl or paint falling off or cracking, or if thread is breaking (for embroidered items). For incorrect customizations, this means we did not produce your designs the way you submitted it. We strive to make sure we are as accurate as possible when producing what you want, but in the case where we make a mistake, we will review it for a refund.
  • will reimburse you for the shipping fees once we have received the defective or incorrect items.

Return Requirement: Defective/Incorrect Item/Incorrect Customizations

Unfortunately, because the item is custom[ized] we cannot simply take it back (and refund you) if you “don’t like it” or if it don’t fit (for apparel). We can only refund a return IF the requirements above are fulfilled. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Can I exchange an item?

Unfortunately, customized items cannot be exchanged.

Because the nature of the item (it being custom), we cannot trade it out for another item.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

How can I return an item?

Please use the ‘Contact’ form or click HERE first so we can review the problem.

If returning the item is the correct course of action, it is easy to do so!

Make sure it is within 14 days of receiving the item

  • Go to the “My Account” page
  • Click Orders
  • Find your order with the item(s) you wish to return
  • Click ‘View Order’
  • At the bottom there will be a button labeled: RMA
  • Fill out the RMA form and we will contact you regarding it.
  • Once accepted, simply ship the package and send us the tracking #.
  • Once we process the package, your product & shipping refund will be processed and sent (returning back to the payment method used to make the original purchase).

The refund takes approximately 6-8 business days for it to be back into your account, based on your financial institution policies.

How do I check the status of my order?

You will automatically receive updates as your order progresses to the email you entered when you submitted your order.

As another option, if you created an account (or wish to now using the email you used to submit the order) simply log in to the account then go to the top of the page where it says “Your Account

In the dropdown menu, you can select “My Orders”. There you can view your Orders that you have submitted as well as the currently in progress orders. Here it will show which status the order is in under the column named “Status“. If you have multiple orders and wish to know more details simply select “View Order” to get more info.

On the “View Order” page it will show you the progress your order is making and what status it is currently in. It also shows you details of your customized products.

My product *is* defective, what can I do?

First, please contact us right away using the ‘Contact’ form or by clicking HERE. We will want to fix this ASAP!

If you’d like to simply return the defective item for your money back, we can do that no problem. Please see the [Question] above for return instructions.

But if you want a replacement, we can do that as well. Simply follow the return instructions (listed in the [Question] above) but still contact us as well so we know that you wish to have a replacement prepared and made.

We can discuss further details of what you want to do when you contact us.

How do I cancel or make changes to an order?

Check ‘My Account > Orders > Order #’ for order status – use the contact form or click HERE to inform us of any changes

–As long as your order is still listed in ‘Order Review’ status (in general, this is usually around 6-48 hours long during business days), then you can still:

  • Cancel the order
  • Remove an item
  • Decrease the QUANTITY of an item (an increase requires a new order)
  • Request minor changes to a customization on a product – major changes would require a new order with the item and its changes in question – not all changes could be made due to pricing of the customizations.

–If your order says anything other than ‘Order Review’ the window to modify or cancel is closed.

–If you cancel now (after ‘Order Review’ status), there will be a fee involved (between 15-35% depending on the stage of progress) as time and money has already been dedicated to your order from the CMP team. The remaining after fee will be refunded back to you the way you paid.

My Account

Some information about your account, the info stored with it and some usability tips.

Do you retain my data after purchase? If so, how long do you keep it in the system?

The only data that we retain in our system is your Account Info (name/address) so when you make orders it can auto-fill this in. This is also a help to you for record keeping for all the orders you have made. Having an account also helps for future purchases allowing you to select “Reorder” for any previous orders bypassing the need to re-create any previously customized items. A simple 1-click puts those items into your cart ready for checkout.

This “Account Info” stays in the system until your account is deleted. Simply contact us if you wish to have your account removed.

The actual payment information (CC #/data/etc.) is used and processed ONLY by the Payment Processor (Paypal). We do NOT store or process any of this information.

Do you store any Stock Waitlist data?

Yes & No

When you sign up for the Wait-list pertaining to the Stock of a product, your email address is stored only until that product comes back in stock. Once the product is back in stock, your email address is automatically erased from our system.

We do not retain this information once a product is back in stock, at which time the email address is deleted.

We also do not use this information (your email address) for any other purpose other than for our automated system to alert you of the product(s) being back in stock.