Customizer Templates

The following categories shown are our products broken up for easy navigation. When you choose a category, you’ll then be presented with products in that category that have pre-designed templates available.

Choosing a product will show all the pre-design templates we offer for that product which you can then use as a starting point for customizations, or you could simply choose to “Add to Cart” if you like the template as is.

These templates are a fantastic starting point or for purchase – they also do not cost extra, the price of the product is all you’ll pay.


Men's Apparel

We have some templates for men’s apparel to get you started with some inspirational ideas.


Women's Apparel

We have some templates for women’s apparel to get you started with some inspirational ideas.




Have a man cave? Bar? Nice kitchen or coffee table? A coaster is perfect for any place or occasion where a drink is involved. These will protect that table top and because you’re customizing them they will look fantastic and unique at the same time! Check out these templates we have to offer to get you started.


The templates we have for these mugs, tumblers, shot glasses, etc. are a fantastic option to get you started with drinking in style.



Mouse Pads

Whether you’re in the office or at home, you might have a desk with a mouse for the computer. Replace that mouse pad with a customized one that you’ll love to look at every day!

Phone Cases

Protect that new (or old) phone with a new custom case that you made. We have many phone model options available and more being added all the time.

Watch Bands

Add some custom flair to your wrist by swapping out smart watch bands. We offer large and small band sizes and compatibility with the older & newer Apple & Samsung watches.


Home Décor


Clocks are a great accent to any wall as well as having utility makes them a great item to customize. Using the following templates you can create stunning clocks that are goofy, serious or simple looking. Great for kids rooms, offices or a wall at home.


Key Hangers

Coming through the door it’s best to have a place to hang your keys so they are never lost or buried in the couch. Using our key hangers and templates you can create a fantastic hanger that has utility & style!


Light Switch & Plug Covers

Great for kids rooms (or any room really, depending on the style of customizations), these templates will turn your basic wall light switch/plug cover from plain white to a great accent/decoration.



Magnets for your fridge are a fantastic multi-use product. We offer many various templates that can spruce up your fridge with charts/schedules, pictures or information. Then use them to hold in place other important information. A great item to customize!


Photo Panel/Slate

Photo panels that are permanent never look better. And with our various product options (off-set picture frames, easel panels, slate, etc.) our template options are a fantastic start to creating a beautiful table piece.



Keychains are a great accessory to your keyring. We offer many various templates to get you started with creating a one-of-a-kind keychain as well as giving you inspiration to further make it unique.


Any outfit that you wear needs some good jewelry to accent it. Our various pendants, chains, earrings and bracelets paired with a great custom design makes for a perfect piece of jewelry. Using these templates can give you some inspiration for that outfit.