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We hope what you'll see and do on this website will facilitate and inspire you to create new, fun and exciting products for yourself, as a gift or even if you own a store and need products (we have bulk discount - no verification necessary).

This website has a 100% real-time visual customizer available for most products we offer (more frequently added). Most products are FREE to customize (only apparel has an extra charge)!

Using this real-time visual customizer you can add text, graphics (we offer over 8000 to use) and images - upload your own images from your device, facebook or instagram. And if you don't have any pictures in mind, we also have a catalog of over 130 million HD images (for only $1/image). We also have a curated section of HD images (over 1000 available) for use that does not cost extra.

Our process is a permanent process - it will not peel, crack or fade, there are no "handling" instructions and it's also safe for children. It does not sit on the surface, so if the product stretches the design will too and it also means there is no feeling of it at all - it becomes one with the product.

For more information please scroll down for full description of who we are and what CustomizeMyProduct is.


Black Friday (2023) Week Discount!

ALL our products have been discounted by an automatic 25% for great savings giving you the best deal on getting something custom for yourself, as a gift or to start stocking up for your business.

No code necessary. All products already have the discount so you can see your savings before customizing and adding to the cart.

Customization Process


Browse & Select Product

Browse our selection of customizable products – once you find a product you like, click “Customize”.

Customize Product

Add text, graphics and full HD images to the product. We offer over 8k graphics and 140 million HD images. Or upload your own (from device or FB/IG).

Add to Cart

Once you’re happy with the customizations, simply click “Add to Cart”. It will be available to purchase just the way you made it.

Submit Order

We’ll review your order before charging. If all checks out, we make and ship in 2-8 business days.

CustomizeMyProduct Info



Free UPS Ground (or USPS Priority) shipments with a low $25 min order amount


We use industry leading Cloudflare Encryption & PayPal/Square/Amazon processes your payments – not us.


Money back for 14 days on defective items (if not made to submitted specifications)

Premium Quality

We want you to be happy with the end result so we strive to make sure you get what you wanted.

Pre-Designed Products

Looking for already customized products that are ready for purchase?

All the pre-designed products below can be purchased just as shown. Simply click an image to view the product, click customize then just find the design you want and add to cart. Add text and modify just like any customizable product before adding to cart. All images shown are also available in the customizer under "Graphics/Images > Curated/Pre-Design Images" - you can use these images on any product you like free of charge.

Featured [Starter] Products

Popular starter products that we'd like to spotlight.

We offer many various products that can be made custom by you, for you or for someone you know.

This holiday season, create something unique and special that will be a perfect gift. The following examples are just to give some ideas of what you could make with our products and images added to them.

Browse and experiment today! Create something you or someone you know will love!


Below we showcase some of our previous projects that we have completed for customers. This is just to give you some ideas of what you could create for yourself in the customizer and what we can do for you.

What is CustomizeMyProduct?

We create your products right here in the USA (MA) - we do not outsource any work so every order gets the utmost attention.

We are just a small "made-to-order" company that only wishes to make you happy with what you purchase. This was designed so you don't have to purchase something that you 'sort of' like. Make it exactly the way you want and be happier than buying pre-made. We also have experience attempting to get items made from a print shop - 10 emails back and forth and 3 weeks later your order of 60 is done - with the potential of not how you envisioned. CustomizeMyProduct virtually eliminates the confusion, extended communication and barrier for just anyone to have unique items - you also know exactly what you're getting and for what price. We strive for 4-8 business days to ship for orders with less than 250 items (there may be an extension for more than 250 items - contact us first if this is time sensitive).

These items are good for: birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, party items, personal items, anniversary/wedding gifts and so much more. Being unique they can work for almost any occasion.
These items are also good for: if you own a store and wish to sell items that you know will sell and want to have unique items for your location, party events, etc. (contact us with any inquiries)

Check out the video above (if you haven't already) to get a more visual overview of what this website is all about and how you can make your own unique products today!

How does it work?

We thank you for your interest!

The customizer was designed to be robust, flexible and easy to use - on any device. It's also a 'work-in-progress' - new functionality and improved usability are always being worked on.

When you find a product that you'd like to customize simply tap/click on that product. Then you should see a big green "Customize" button. If you don't see one that product may not yet be customizable - check back frequently as it could become customizable over-night.

Once you are in the customizer (it will look different on a mobile device vs desktop/laptop - but the features are the same) you'll see options for Graphics (a catalog of over 8000), Text, Add/Upload image. While you experiment you'll see it's quick and simple to customize the item with your imagination.

Use the following video for an example visual representation of how you can make a product just the way you want (not everything is shown in the video like saving your designs, adding premium images from our catalog of 140 million HD images, etc.).