Clocks are a great accent to any wall as well as having utility makes them a great item to customize. Using the following templates you can create stunning clocks that are goofy, serious or simple looking. Great for kids rooms, offices or a wall at home.


Key Hangers

Coming through the door it’s best to have a place to hang your keys so they are never lost or buried in the couch. Using our key hangers and templates you can create a fantastic hanger that has utility & style!


Light Switch & Plug Covers

Great for kids rooms (or any room really, depending on the style of customizations), these templates will turn your basic wall light switch/plug cover from plain white to a great accent/decoration.



Magnets for your fridge are a fantastic multi-use product. We offer many various templates that can spruce up your fridge with charts/schedules, pictures or information. Then use them to hold in place other important information. A great item to customize!


Photo Panel/Slate

Photo panels that are permanent never look better. And with our various product options (off-set picture frames, easel panels, slate, etc.) our template options are a fantastic start to creating a beautiful table piece.