Keychain – HD Image – Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart

The keychain has the picture of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart on one side and the date of an event on another side. It is a pairing with a t-shirt that was made in conjunction with this keychain.

*This keychain was a custom produced product for someone close to us – the image is not available in our customizer nor will we allow images that you do not own to be produced by us on any product. This is for demonstration purposes only – to showcase an end product of what you could receive.

Ornament – HD Images Double Sided – Underwater & Butterflies

This ornament was embellished using our customizer and the premium photos option. Both photos went from “edge-to-edge’ on both sides creating a immersive visual experience that is permanent. The colors are extremely vibrant and it has a fantastic gloss shine to it. The underwater side contains corral reef and marine life and the other side contains three butterflies.

The ribbon was included and will look fantastic hanging from any hanger.