Site in Beta

Site in Beta (Work in Progress)

Hello and welcome to the new CustomizeMyProduct!

As you browse the site you may come across various features and functions that appear to be not working or incomplete. You're eyes and device probably aren't deceiving you.



Unfortunately this is a very large and feature-filled project that is currently a 'work-in-progress' and we ask that you please bare with us. 

If you do find something broken or incomplete, you may notify us by going to [email protected] and sending us the link you found the bug at as well as possibly a brief explanation of how it broke (if you don't mind). We would greatly appreciate any feedback because it might be something missed or it could be something we are currently working on.

Overall, please just check back often because soon we will be up and running full speed where you can get those products customized just the way you want :)

We thank you for your patience and hope you like what you see and can do. 

Thanks for visiting!
CMP Team