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Rewards! Discounts! Savings!

We offer a rewards based loyalty system called CMP Coins. When you purchase anything on this site you automatically earn these discount points which you can use on any order when you decide. They do not expire. You'll see the option to redeem during cart/checkout. TIP: You must be logged into an account to earn/use these points (so they can be tracked). View F.A.Q. for more info about this.

35% Return - First Purchase

EARN 35% in CMP Coins on your first purchase! This stacks with the CMP Coin percents listed below.

35% Return

EARN 35% in CMP Coins when you spend up to $25

45% Return

EARN 45% in CMP Coins when you spend up to $50

55% Return

EARN 55% in CMP Coins when you spend up to $100

65% Return

EARN 65% in CMP Coins when you spend over $100

Ways to Earn

The following are a few ways to earn CMP Coin for use on future orders.

Shopping on CMP

For every order you complete, you will receive a certain percentage of CMP Coin based on the cost of the order. The more you spend the more you'll earn.


For every referral you make to friends & family you will automatically receive CMP Coins when they make a qualifying purchase. They also receive some CMP Coins for being referred and making a purchase.

Social Media Sharing

When you share a specific link (generated from your 'My Account' page) on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter that link when liked/visited will generate a certain amount of CMP Coins for your account automatically.

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