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Ever had a saying or quote that you loved and always wanted to place it on something like a wall in your home?

Well now you can do just that! This vinyl is made to be removable so it won't harm surfaces that are painted but strong enough to last years!


Choose a color above that is as close to the color of the surface that you will want to be placing the element (text or design) onto then click "Customize".

Once in the customizer, simply choose ADD TEXT or ADD DESIGN from the top right. 

The 'Surface Color' that you choose is:
46in Wide
46in Tall


Once you start adding elements (text or designs), you will notice little rectangles that create a grid. Any element that is in any of these rectangles is what you will receive broken up by these rectangles. 

For example: say you place a single colored shape, a square for instance and it goes into four rectangle boxes. You will receive four separate sheets of vinyl which you then place on your surface together to make your one element. 

Each rectangle box is 22in WIDE x 11in TALL


This material is rated for up to 3 years or more when used indoors and applied correctly (using instructions below).

What you'll receive/how-to:

  • The colored elements that you submitted. The 'SURFACE COLOR' you select will not be included - this is only to help you select the color of your elements easier.
  • The text will have a sticky sheet attached to the top of it.
  • Simply take the whole sheet (the sticky sheet with the words stuck to it) and place it onto the surface, laying from LEFT to RIGHT or RIGHT to LEFT; doing it any other way it could end up with bubbles and uneven placement.
  • Using a credit card or similar simply slide the edge of the card over the clear tape over the element. This will help press the vinyl onto the surface.
  • Lift a corner of the transparent tape and slowly peel it off the element staying close to the vinyl when peeling (creating a sharp angle with the transparent tape)
  • The decal should now be permanently adhered to the surface.

Prior to placement:

  • For SMOOTH surfaces like GLASS, PLASTIC, METAL, FIBERGLASS, WOOD: Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol first to make sure there are no oils/residue/etc.
  • For surfaces like PAINTED SHEETROCK (home wall): Using a mild cleaning agent and a damp towel clean the surface to make sure there are no oils/residue/dust/etc. then let dry prior to placement.


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