Bracelet - Metal Band - Silver (One Size)

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  • Color: Silver
  • Size (Design): 20mm (.79in)
  • Size (Bracelet): Metal Band: 0.4cm (.16in) Wide, 0.1cm Thick / Adjustable from approximately 6.5in to 7.5in circumference of wrist / 1.5in - 2in chain tail
  • Weight: 7g
  • Bracelet Material: Alloy Stainless Steel / May contain traces of nickel
  • Pendant Shape: Round
  • Design Area Finish: Gloss White
  • Customizable Sides: Front

Bracelets can be a perfect accessory to every outfit and with this one having a nice silver sheen it will bring that extra finishing touch you are looking for!

And now you can also have a photo along with it. Using our customizer you can add an image of your loved ones (furry or human), a special event that you always want to remember or anything else you can think of. This is a great way to add that extra flair and have that photo be at an arms length away at all times.

This bracelet is primarily made of a very lightweight stainless steel alloy. Does not contain a top glass dome (cabochon). The embellishment is a permanent no crack, fade or peel process which means this will still last a long time if taken care of (kept clean and out of submerged water).

DISCLAIMER: This bracelet may contain nickel, primarily in the connecting rings that connect the bands to the center piece as well as the tail rings (for the adjustable feature). The center piece and the actual bands do not contain nickel. If you are sensitive to certain metals, or know someone that is (and you're gifting this), you may wish to check out one of our other offerings. We apologize for this inconvienence.

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