Wood Decor

Do you love the way a wood plaque looks while it's hanging on your wall or outside? Well, we agree! These can look so good (stained or not stained) with some custom graphics and/or text in contrast color pressed on them that it makes it a super unique item!

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  1. Wide Edge Rectangle Wood Plaque
    This basswood plaque has a wide decorative border that…
    As low as $18.49
  2. From: Artminds
    Whitewashed Round Plaque - 18in
    Perfect for your home décor, use this round plaque for…
  3. Whitewashed Beveled Horizontal Wood Plaque (w/HW)
    This pine plaque has a rustic, whitewashed finish. It's…
  4. From: Artminds
    Square Pine Plaque (No HW)
    Decorate this wood plaque with your personality which it…
    As low as $9.99
  5. Square Fir Wood Plaque (w/HW)
    Perfect for home décor, use this square plaque to decorate…
    As low as $9.99
  6. Rectangle Fir Greywashed Wood Plaque (w/HW) - 24in
    Perfect for home décor, use this large rectangular plaque…
  7. Rectangle Cedar Plaque (w/HW)
    This rustic pallet plaque is crafted out of four unfinished…
  8. From: Artminds
    Pine Innkeepers Signboard - 23in
    Have a business or like long fancy planks that can have a…
  9. Pine Innkeepers Signboard - 14in
    This innkeeper signboard has a decorative edge and a unique…
  10. From: Artminds
    Open Top Box - 12in
    This wooden box is perfect for embellishing with creative…
  11. From: Artminds
    Large Wood Plaque Box
    This ready to finish large wooden plaque is an excellent…
    As low as $12.29
  12. Heart Plaque - 9in
    A large heart shaped pine plaque waiting to be customized…
  13. French Provincial Pine Sign
    This fancy plaque is made from unfinished pine. Use it to…
    As low as $25.99
  14. Fancy Beveled Pine Plaque
    You will find an infinite number of ways to craft your…
    As low as $12.99
  15. Cedar Pallet Plaque (w/HW)
    Create a lovely home decor accent by adding text and…
    As low as $7.99
  16. Badge Plaque - 15in
    This plain wooden pallet plaque is perfect for you to…
  17. Arrow Signboard - 27in
    This arrow shaped rustic plaque is crafted out of…
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17 Items

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